June 2012

Elite are featured as demo of the week on Unsigned On Premier at 6pm Saturday. Tune in for an exclusive track off the forthcoming debut album No Struggle No Reward.....

April 2012

Still Sober now available on itunes - click the picture to buy!

March 2012

Elite have been recording a new music video thanks to DigitsTV which will be released 30/03/12. Watch this space!

January 2012

Elite have been preparing for the release of their debut album No Struggle No Reward, and are currently in the process of launching their second single 'Still Sober' which will be out in March 2012.


Elite have also had a second photo shoot thanks to Joe Chipchase - check out the gallery!


December 2011



Elite have had their first review from Jesus Christ Tru Vine Entertainment


James 'maCmoses' Mc Morris II

November 30, 2011


When I first commissioned Christian musicians and artists to send their material to us for online reviews, although very optimistic, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew Jesus wanted me to utilize my gifts and talents to glorify His Name and advance His Kingdom, and my faith said that many would come from near and far to display to a dying world the Christ that has come to give us the abundant life all of us seek, in His Name, to richly enjoy!  With the mission statement of Jesus Christ Tru Vine Entertainment declaring that our aim is the ‘…Salvation of the Globe’, it should be no surprise that the Christian musical group Elite hails from Bournemouth, South England in the United Kingdom.


Although Elite’s genre can be listed as soulful Hip Hop, they are not your average rap orchestra.  Elite is comprised essentially of the partnership of Chanca  ( pronounced Chancer ) – the Hip Hop portion of the group, and Lucinda – the soulful Christian crooner of the ensemble.  Their beats are a combination of ruggedness, with a touch of mellowness. They’ve released 2 singles, ‘Your Way’, and ‘To the End’


Your Way’ is a tune that essentially promises Christ that Elite will walk in all His Ways, forsaking themselves and seeking after the Righteousness that can only be found in a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The musicality of this track exudes a sense of relaxation, power, and peace, while the lyrics are positive, uplifting, and heartfelt.  Chanca displays a heart that is sold out not only to Jesus Christ, but to His children as well, while the songstress Lucinda does her part to delightfully add depth to the track.  Chanca exclaims that he will ‘Fight for the LORD’, thus taking ‘himself’ out of the equation.  He expresses a heart that is living for Christ because of an unfeigned love and admiration for God, not solely out of necessity.  He promises to give all his worries, anxieties, and concerns over to Christ.

The production on the track ‘To the End’ is Elite’s Christian call to arms.  It is essentially a ‘battle cry’ to newborn babes in Christ, and mature Christians as well. With the instrumentation and drums sounding similar to the cadence of an army marching to battle, it is evident that the members of ‘Elite’ are serious about being soldier’s faithful and valiant in their call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   Chanca is not shy about declaring to the masses that we must walk by faith with Jesus ‘to the end’ Chanca boldly   puts on display, for all of creation to see, his love for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  A never give up, never surrender disposition embodies Elite’s person.  They are truly dedicated to the Ministry of Reconciliation only possible by faith in the remission quality of the Pure Blood of Jesus Christ.

After listening to Elite’s music, I am encouraged to know that Jesus is raising up faithful ministers of the Gospel with the talent to preach the Word of Jesus in the Hip Hop form from all over the globe.  I am eager to hear more of Elite’s music, and pray they give me an opportunity to review a full album.  With that said, ‘Your Way’ and ‘To the End’ are great introductions to what could be a promising LP.  Their music is definitely worth a second listen, and I recommend them to all who are in search of some quality Christian music. 

Elite – ‘Your Way’ 7/10

Elite – ‘To the End’ 7/10




November 2011

Elite are currently working on their debut album 'No Struggle No Reward' to be released in March 2012.



They have also released another single 'To the End' which went to the top of the charts at They are currently No.1 in the Urban charts and the Overall charts at overplay.



Elite single Your Way has been chosen for demo of the week by Unsigned @ Premier Radio. It will be featured on Saturday 12.11.11 between 6-7pm.



Your Way has been chosen for airplay at Ghetto Gospel Radio.



To The End single featured in the Hall Of Fame at



Elite single Keep On is No.1 in the Urban charts at

October 2011

In October 2011 Elite released their first single 'Your Way' which went staright into No.1 in the Urban Charts at Within one week Your Way was No.1 in the overall charts.


Elite has made this single available for free download at Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud and Overplay.


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